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What is the Difference Between Snoring and Sleep Apnoea?

Snoring is an abnormal breathing noise heard during sleep. If a person suffers from snoring, it could develop into a serious case of sleep apnoea. While asleep, snoring occurs when the airway between the soft palate and back of the tongue becomes narrowed as the muscles relax. As air passes over the soft palate it vibrates, causing a snoring sound. The tongue falling back over the airway interrupts breathing causing sleep apnoea. With this condition, snoring is interrupted with frequent pauses in breath, until the sufferer restarts with a loud gasp or snort. In serious cases, reduced air intake may impact levels of oxygen and this can be a pre- cursor to heart attacks and strokes.

How Can Sleep Apnoea Be Treated?

Oral and dental appliances are a solution for many people. The dental appliance has the effect of pulling the lower jaw forward, maintaining an open airway during sleep and further preventing the tongue from falling back.

If you or your sleeping partner are concerned you might have sleep apnoea then please call Smile Craft Dental to arrange an appointment. We can help to identify problems and will consult with you to develop a plan of treatment to eliminate your concerns with snoring.

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