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Fresh Breath

Beautifully fresh breath is a sign of a well-maintained and healthy mouth. Although most of us will have occasional bad breath, this is usually due to eating certain foods and is only temporary. Good oral hygiene is also essential for fresh breath, so if you fail to brush and floss regularly, plaque and food debris may remain on your teeth and gums. Food particles can gradually rot, and these particles also provide fuel for bacteria, causing noxious odours.

If you have more persistent bad breath, then please contact Smile Craft Dental as we can help you.

Diagnosing the Reason for Bad Breath (Halitosis)

An initial examination of your teeth and gums will help to determine if your bad breath is caused by an untreated dental problem such as tooth decay or infection, or gum disease. We will also check the fit of any dental appliances, as sometimes a poorly fitting brace or denture could trap food and bacteria more easily.

We will also talk to you about your general health, as sometimes certain medical conditions and medications can cause a condition called dry mouth or xerostomia, where not enough saliva is produced to keep your mouth clean and comfortable and your breath nice and fresh.

Treating Bad Breath

After completing our examination we can talk to you about possible causes of your bad breath and how best to treat this problem. If we cannot find any reason for your bad breath or think it is related to your general health or prescription medications, we might refer you to your doctor or another specialist.

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