Invisalign Treatments for Patients throughout New South Wales

Invisalign is a dental treatment to help straighten the position of teeth, creating a more attractive and potentially healthier smile. Our dentists at Smile Craft Dental might suggest this treatment if your teeth are significantly out of alignment, are crooked or overlapping, or if you have unsightly gaps in between your teeth. Many orthodontic problems can be corrected with Invisalign.

Smile Craft Dental offer Invisalign treatments to patients in Newcastle, Forster, Taree and surrounding areas.

Visible metal or coloured brackets Clear, invisible
Fixed, cannot be removed, normally for 2 years Removable but need to wear 22 hours a day for the course of treatment
Difficulty in cleaning teeth Can be removed to clean teeth
Change about every month Change trays every 2 weeks and visit monthly
Needs less self discipline Needs more self discipline and compliance
Food trapping No food trapping
Discomfort due to pressure, wires and on eating Can cause discomfort due to pressure but not due to wires or eating
Cannot be removed while eating Can be removed while eating

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is an innovative orthodontic technology used to straighten teeth without traditional metal braces. A series of clear, almost invisible aligners are individually designed and manufactured to align your teeth over time. The removable aligners can be taken out for eating and drinking, and whenever you wish to brush and floss your teeth. During treatment, you will be provided with a series of aligners and each set is worn for two weeks, before being discarded for the next set in the series until your teeth are in the correct positions. All you have to do is to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day. It is a great system for busy adults who would prefer their orthodontic treatment to be discreet.

Straighter Teeth Can Be Healthier Teeth

Although Invisalign is often considered to be a cosmetic dental treatment, correcting the position of teeth that are significantly out of line can help to improve your dental health. Invisalign can be particularly useful if you currently have difficulty brushing and flossing. By straightening your teeth, you could help to reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

Using Invisalign in Conjunction with Other Treatments

We might suggest Invisalign as an alternative to veneering multiple teeth, as a more conservative approach. If your teeth are generally a nice shape and are strong and healthy, then we may only need to veneer one or two to help perfect their appearance. We frequently use Invisalign with teeth whitening treatments, to provide that finishing touch once you have finished wearing braces.

Treatment Might Be Faster Than You Think

Most people will complete Invisalign treatment within a year, but more cosmetically oriented problems only affecting your front teeth can often be corrected more quickly. You could have a beautifully straight smile within a matter of just a few months.

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Terms & Conditions

Express package (limited to 7 aligners) is an entry level Invisalign Treatment that has all the bells and whistles of standard Invisalign technology, but is limited to treating very minor relapse cases. This is recommended only after consultation with our dentists.

Removable Vivera Retainer (TM) from Invisalign is recommended after treatment, and is an additional cost of $300 for 3 sets. This is cost price and no added dentist fees applied.

*Offer subject to change without notice. To take advantage of this website offer, you need to mention it at the time you book your appointment with us at Smile Craft Dental.

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