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It has become pretty clear that the world of technology has been evolving like never before. In particular, the Dental Industry has been changing incredibly quickly, offering a huge range of exciting prospects. The shifting landscape of dentistry has led to the development of digital smile design. (DSD)

Digital Smile Design is recognised worldwide as the dentistry world’s most premier technology. It involves taking photos of the patient and using computers to design dental solutions that best suit their unique and individual needs. This enables patients to see accurate results before a procedure is even performed. Why is this so great? Because it allows your dentist to plan only the most suitable restorative treatments more efficiently, while also encouraging patients to become involved in the process themselves and see what their new smiles will look like to the highest possible level of accuracy. Being able to clearly envision your outcome can be useful for getting an idea of the final results of our treatments, as well as giving you the unique chance to make the cosmetic changes you truly desire during the design stage and before any procedures actually take place.

Unlike traditional restorative treatments that only work to focus on the teeth, gums and jaw, the highly advanced DSD system also works to consider all of the complex relationships between the mouth and other parts of the face involved in smiling, to create a more aesthetically pleasing overall result. For example it allows dentists to hone in on features such as the cheeks, eyes and lips. It also visualises a wide range of facial expressions, to show you how your smile will look when displaying a range of emotional states, helping you to design a smile that truly matches your goals. Not happy with the design? We can show you possible changes, before any procedures even take place!

Furthermore, Digital Smile Design allows dentists to design custom crowns and veneers that are tailored to the specific requirements and demands of the patient. Using these state-of-the-art technologies and innovative techniques, Smile Craft Dental is able to deliver superior aesthetic smile design results, which are not achievable at many dentists in Australia.

With digital smile Design, you become the co-designer of their own treatment by sharing your personal objectives, and unique desires and expectations with the restorative team. The interaction between you as a patient and our dental specialists is improved by photos and videos taken at several steps of the treatment. Once the restorative technical requirements are combined withyour desires and emotional needs, great results will be achieved – creating a path to a natural, confident and beautiful smile.

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