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As per the surveys, 9/10 kids are suffering from dental problems in Australia. Moreover, the consumption of chocolates and soft drinks are also reaching heights. In today’s time, it becomes a major problem that could not be ignored.
In order to offer the solution of the same, “Smile Craft Dental” is coming up with the exciting FREE workshop for kids as well as their parents. Our highly experienced dentist will help your family to develop and encourage healthy dental hygiene. It includes various fun activities like Games, Quiz and many more that encourage your kid to develop self-care techniques and create interest to do it regularly.

Many parents are worried about their kids’ oral care. They could not give sufficient time to kids due to their busy schedules. Moreover, Parents are mainly responsible for kids’ oral care. So, it is more important for parents to know about all the necessary oral care tips for their children. This workshop will guide your children about the techniques of Brushing, Swishing, and Flossing. It will help to prevent them from cavities and other dental issues. The simple dental techniques through fun activities will make your child self-care taker of their teeth and remove your tension for their oral hygiene.

The eating habits of your kid will no longer harm their teeth. Now, don’t worry about all the problems like a bad smell, gum disease, and so on as this workshop will cover all the important information that would be enough to make you your kid’s own dentist.
Book your seat now and join us on 8th August 2019 at Smile Care Dental from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.

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