Can erosion of teeth be prevented?

It is possible to treat teeth wear due to erosion and restore teeth to its original form but first of all it is important to understand what is tooth erosion and how to prevent future damage for treatment to work. Dental erosion, is a type of tooth wear in which...

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Can I pay off my dental bills ?

Having to pay a large dental bill can be very frustrating and stressful for many people on a low or fixed income. While many people save money to cover medical expenses, dental work often isn't included in those savings. …which puts dental health at backbench. This...

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How much Invisalign cost?

If you are looking for cost of Invisalign most probably you already know what Invisalign is. But still Before we talk about cost , it is important to discuss a bit about it so you can understand the costs. Invisalign is treatment with which you...

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