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Having to pay a large dental bill can be very frustrating and stressful for many people on a low or fixed income. While many people save money to cover medical expenses, dental work often isn’t included in those savings. …which puts dental health at backbench. This further leads to worsening of situation and loss of teeth, smile, confidence, and self-esteem for a person. It is considered after Eyes; Smile is what enhances our facial aesthetics.
It is no more difficult to pay for your dental bill than paying for two coffers a week from the cafe or paying your hairdresser every few months.

So if dental care is managed well, then it should not be expensive.
In fact, dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.

Tips to manage dental bills

Go to your dentist regularly as we all know, prevention is cheaper than cure.
Generally, if a filling of a cavity detected early cost $ 200 but if left to decay and rot, the same tooth can cost up to $ 5000.00 to save and if needs extraction then can cost up to $ 7000.00 to replace the tooth. If a choice is given between spending $ 200.00 or $ 7000.00, then I think, the answer is obvious.

Also, there are even weekly payment plans available for a routine checkup and clean as well, which generally have huge savings as well, which even takes stress away from that cost as well. Most dentists will also give some loyalty discounts as well for taking the initiative to look after your teeth. So dentistry is not much strain on your pocket ff planned well.

Yes, there would be cases, where teeth are already in poor shape due to neglect over a period of time. In that case, only the preventive approach may not fit.
You can finance dental work, for both necessary procedures such as cavities root canals, dentures as well as cosmetic dental work such as teeth whitening.

In nutshell,the situation is not that hopeless as most of you would think.
Most dental surgeries do have payment plans available to help you to bring your oral health on track. With these mostly interest-free payment plans, you can reduce the burden of your dental treatment and pay over regular instalments.
If you have been a long-standing patient at your dental office or if you have a payment history at the dentist that shows you can pay your bills on time, you may be able to arrange a payment plan with your dentist. … You can then arrange to pay the remainder of the bill in monthly fixed payments.

Do not lose hope. You can call us today if you need to pay off for your dental treatment.
We offer interest free payments plans both for preventative checkups and treatments at all our surgeries in Newcastle, Wingham and Tuncurry.

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