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It is possible to treat teeth wear due to erosion and restore teeth to its original form but first of all it is important to understand what is tooth erosion and how to prevent future damage for treatment to work.
Dental erosion, is a type of tooth wear in which enamel, one of the hardest tissues in the body, can not withstand the acid attack and dissolve creating cavities, shortening , flattening and pitting , yellowing of teeth. The enamel protects our teeth while we chew, biting or grind our teeth and once eroded it can not regenerate as enamel doesn’t contain living cells like bone, so it can’t simply repair itself.
A common cause of erosion is obviously acidic foods and drinks. Even healthy foods, such as some fruits, water with lemon, and dressing for salad can cause the erosion. Pay attention to your foods and drinks you consume. Try to avoid high acidic foods such as oranges, vinegar, white wine, and some sports drinks to name a few. Some medium acidic foods include ketchup, beer, pesto, and pears. Low acidic foods include peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, avocados, and wheat bread.
More causes of tooth erosion include, excessive soft drinks, some environmental factors, and even genetics due to an inherited condition. Aside from those things, tooth damage can be a result of bruxism, which is involuntary grinding of the teeth during sleep. The tooth to tooth contact is extremely damaging on teeth due to the hard texture.
Before starting any treatment for erosion to bring dentition back to its original form , it is important to understand the cause and to prevent further damage.
One step to help prevent dental erosion is to pay attention to your food and drinks pH levels. If you didn’t know, pH is the measure of how acidic or alkaline something is. The lower the number, the more acidic. The more acidic an item is, the more harmful it is to you.
Prevention is key, because like I said, erosion is irreversible. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating or drinking. By doing so, you’ll only be brushing the teeth already softened by enamel.
Fruit contains acid that can be harmful to your teeth, but don’t give it up just yet. Just make sure to pair it with something less acidic like cheese or milk.

So there you have it! Take care of your teeth, the damage from erosion is irreversible as of now. Take care of your smile, and your smile will take care of you.

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