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Here at Smile Craft Dental, we think about your dental wellbeing and believe that everybody should have access to high quality dental care when they require it. We realise that it can now and again be financially difficult to take care of the expense of regular dental care, and this is one of the reasons we are presenting this low cost care plan which takes care of the expenses to safeguard your dental health.

In contrast to other dental plans, which allow only annual payment, the Smile Care Plan can also be set up for low monthly or fortnightly payments, which ever fits your family’s budget best! Paying monthly or fortnightly is just another way we make dental care more affordable.

This arrangement will give you access to preventative dental care twice a year. The cost of preventative appointments can be distributed in 12 easy interest free monthly instalments.
There is no requirement for any credit checks.
What it means that you will have the capacity to book dental appointments for active maintenance and can have the solace of knowing all expenses are as of now taken care off.
Along with saving up to 30% for preventive appointments you will be able to avail a further 10% rebate off the majority of our dental treatment just by being member of our smile care plan in case if any treatment is needed.

Treatments included Usual price Care plan price
2 comprehensive examinations $68 each 26 Fortnightly payments of $ 14.91
2 hygiene appointments including scale and clean $120 each
Up to 2 dental X-rays $46 each
2 Fluoride $39 each
You pay $546.00 $387.66
Discount $0 $158.34
    As a part of preventative care, you’ll receive:

  • Comprehensive examination
  • Scale and clean.
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Two bitewing X-rays (if scheduled or indicated)
  • Oral Cancer Screening

Advantage of regular active maintenance appointments

Our team spends time to get to know you, assessing oral care habits and techniques, medical issues, diet, and lifestyle. This allows us to really understand the individual issues of each patient, tailor our oral health education to their specific needs and advise them of the best oral hygiene methods to use at home to achieve optimal oral health. We can soon detect any small signs that something is wrong, and at a stage when treatment will be easier, faster and cheaper. It is the ideal and most cost effective way to preserve your natural teeth.

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